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looking out a new window

I just realized that there are two liquor stores on the same corner as Twiggs. Generally speaking, I tend to be fairly observant about my surroundings and such. But I find myself today sitting at a different table and looking out a new window. It’s amazing what you notice when you look out a new window.

Life is like that. What new experiences are all around us but we never see them because we continue to look through old windows? What new relationships could bless our lives if we only knew they were possible?

Sometimes major life-change doesn’t require a major upheaval. Maybe it only requires looking at your current situation through a different set of eyes, to get a second (or third) opinion.

In some respects, I may be talking about the paradigm through which you organize your life. A paradigm is simply a set of boundaries or principles that guide your decisions. It doesn’t have to be that fancy. It may just require a few extra minutes of brainstorming new solutions.

It might be a good experiment to try and look at life through a new window.