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lost passion

Do you find yourself not having as much passion for life that you once did?  Is it harder to get fired up about your marriage, your job, or your relationship with God?

Life is seasonal.  Leaves changes.  Snow arrives.  Snow leaves (hopefully!).  In the same, our passion may pass through seasons where it burns brighter than at other times.

What causes passion to lose it’s flame?

For one thing, I believe it’s harder for people to be impressed nowadays.  We expect technology to advance.  We aren’t surprised when the new smartphone is smarter than the last smartphone.  Every day we are bombarded with things that are latest, greatest, or improved.  We build up a tolerance for things that are truly amazing.

When a beautiful sunset only generates a  “ho-hum” from us, we’re in danger of losing our ability to be passionate.

Our passion may wane because we are starving it to death.  Paul encouraged the Philippian church to think about things that were “excellent” or “praiseworthy” (Philippians 4:8).  Put another way, elevate your passion by elevating your thoughts.

Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing specific ways to raise your passion level.  Stay tuned!