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made it safely to atlanta

I’m sitting safe and mostly sound at a friend’s house in Covington, surfing a wireless connection. Yesterday’s travel was largely uneventful, which is what you always want on a plane ride. I connected through Phoenix and enjoyed a wonderful salad and bottled water.

One piece of interesting trivia: as I changing terminals in Phoenix, who do I happen to walk up behind but none other than Will Edwards! Will is a San Diego-based musician who plays at Cosmos’ open mic on Tuesday. Just a week or so ago I went to one of his shows … and he has agreed to be the first local artist featured at LifePoint. LifePoint will have a local artist showcase during our Sunday morning gatherings where we will feature the work of local artists (musicians, painters, etc). Will has graciously agreed to perform a few songs at our grand opening September 11 (9:00 and 10:45).

So … how providential that we should meet miles from home in the Phoenix airport.