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me and da mayor

Today was my volunteer shift working the snack bar at Navajo softball. All the parents on the different teams take turns working two hour shifts to help the league raise money. I was fortunate that my buddy Matt had volunteered for the same two hour shift — nothing makes moving corn dogs and slushies go any faster than having a friend to pass the time with.

Well, much to our surprise, who comes walking up but the mayor of San Diego — Jerry Sanders. The mayor shook a few hands and then took a spot inside the snack bar working alongside me. Since he was wearing a long sleeve white dress shirt, I tried to steer the kids away from the chili dogs but it was too much to try and divert them from the slushies. Fortunately, my dexterity didn’t fail me and the mayor’s shirt survived unscathed.

The mayor even kicked in a few bucks to buy slushies and corn dogs for the kids.