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messages on the church

I’ve been very encouraged by your response to our recent messages about the mission and nature of the church. As I mentioned last Sunday, God’s intention for LifePoint (and all Christ-centered churches) is to be a place where people can find their way back to God.

In real terms, this means helping people find hope, purpose, and significance. It means helping marriages hold together and giving parents a dose of encouragement and wisdom.

We live in a county where fewer than 10% of our neighbors actively attend church. Even if our sanctuary were filled to capacity each and every Sunday, there would still be over 2 million people within 30 minutes of our building who will spend Sunday morning doing something else besides attending church.

Church attendance is not a substitute for a personal connection to Jesus; but it certainly helps! For better or worse, God committed his message of hope and redemption to churches like LifePoint.

I’m asking you to join me in building a church community where people can experience the goodness of God. Let’s experience together the thrill of altering the course of eternity!