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milestones and more

LifePoint began in our living room with a group of folks who had a dream about creating a new church. We have passed several milestones since then: grand opening, our first baptism, and our first anniversary.

We have several milestones still to achieve: becoming financially independent, giving birth to new churches throughout San Diego, and much more! Each milestone, every dream represents an opportunity to watch God at work in our midst.

We are most definitely in the midst of a God-directed growth phase. I have been encouraged by how many of you express confidence in LifePoint by bringing friends along with you. Every person represents untold potential in the hands of God.

To help us increase our impact and influence, we will be introducing several new things over the next few months. In January we will have our first Starting Point meeting, a time to explore how a person becomes a Christ-follower and what it means to follow him at LifePoint.

Later in 2007 we will roll-out even more focused events. LifeLink will seek to help you get involved in a ministry or team based upon your passions and abilities. GroupLink will be an introduction to our LifeGroups.

These spiritual development modules will be offered on a rotating basis. I would love nothing more than having to offer each one every month! That day will soon be upon us!