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monday morning observations

I believe Arlen Spector has dyed his hair for the Judge Alioto hearings. That’s really an old observation, but I thought I would share it any way.

We went to Garden Grove on Friday night to spend a few hours with Tonya’s cousin and her husband. Their wedding was the first one I ever did … and they’re still married 15 years later! On Saturday we drove to Knotts Berry Farm for breakfast (it was OK) and then to Downtown Disney where we walked around the in rain for about two hours. I could have done that at home for much less money!

On Sunday night I popped into Horizon Park Chapel last night for their 6 PM service. A friend of mine had told me a little bit about the church and a few of the worship leaders there. HPC is a church plant from Horizons in Clairemont Mesa … and it has the Horizon’s feel about it. (It even has the name “Jesus” emblazoned directly behind the band).

Back in the early 90s, Tonya and I worshiped on a regular basis at Horizon’s Saturday night service. It was a great experience for both of us.

HPC is a definitely an urban church and had that feel about it. It was an enjoyable night and the pastor went verse by verse through 1 Timothy 4. This teaching style can be traced back to the influences of Calvary Chapel/Chuck Smith. HPC is home to a group known as the Dance Floor Prophets.

I love the part of town they are in and am glad they are doing well.