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monday morning on a sunday night

Among pastors, Monday mornings can be tough. It’s on Monday mornings that we recover from Sunday mornings. It’s on Monday mornings when we analyze and reflect on what went well and what didn’t on Sunday mornings. You can usually gauge how a pastor perceived the previous Sunday by a Monday morning.

We had a great time of worship this morning at LifePoint. Quite simply, our band rocks! We did a mix of jazzed-up Christmas carols, a contemporary worship song, and a song written by our worship leader’s dad (in 1975). We had new faces and many more familiar faces. We had people stick around for a long after worship had ended.

And we also had a few lows … like attendance and offerings. As a young church, we’re still trying to gain traction and reach critical mass. We’re not quite there yet and the clock is ticking. But God is faithful and has a way of doing what we least expect when we least expect it.

Here’s to your Monday morning!