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money distortion, part three

Here is part three of last weekend’s message.  You can listen to the message by clicking here.

3.  Break the connection between money and success.

There is something about money that makes us feel successful.   We feel more important in a new car than we did in our old clunker.  Four bedrooms are better than three and five are better than four.

Men, we’re particularly susceptible to this line of thinking.  We measure our success (or significance) by job titles, income levels, benefits packages, and 401k’s.

In God’s economy, things work differently.  Jesus defined eternal success not by how much you have but how much you give.  When he taught his followers about greatness, he said the greatest of all would be a servant.  Instead of climbing the ladder of upward mobility, Jesus challenges us to descend the ladder of humility.

In the end, God isn’t interested in your money – he’s interested in you.  More money will not make anyone more generous.  It’s a matter of your heart, not your bank account.