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more memory rules!

In order to beef-up the laptop to better handle video, I went from 512 MB to 1GB of memory. It’s smokin’ fast. I went to open MS Word and I never even saw the splash screen. BAM! It was there.

We use a lot of video at LifePoint, most of it ran off the laptop using a program called “MediaShout.” I highly recommend it to any church that wants to do more than PowerPoint during worship. We use it to put video loops behind song lyrics, show flash animations, and DVD clips. The DVD function is really cool. You can cue up the video from within MediaShout and play it as part of your presentation … all from the laptop. It also allows you to jump to any thumbnail without having to go in linear order. You can also make edits on the fly without your audience knowing it. For PowerPoint users, you can import existing PowerPoint presentations and it maintains transitions and animations. Now how cool is that!

Needless to say, I’m happy for now.

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