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more trolley observations

Our parking situation changed at work and instead of parking downtown I’ve been riding the trolley to work. Now that I’ve been a trolley rider for the past three weeks, I thought I would share a few of my observations with you.

When riding the trolley, you need to add a few minutes to any schedule to allow for red lights and other delays.

San Diego is much more diverse than most people realize.

It’s not unusual for people to mumble to themselves. And I’m not only talking about other passengers.

People check their phones just to have something to do.

Having a current library card is a life-saver.

Mom was right when she told you to wash your hands.

All joking aside, there are real benefits to letting someone else drive you to work. I’ve read more books in the last three weeks than I had in the previous three months. Even more impressive (at least to me), they have all been works of fiction. With 30 minutes to an hour each way, that’s a good bit of book reading each day.

I do feel less stressed when arriving at work. No more worrying about knuckleheads who weave in and out of traffic. No more traffic jams on Interstate 8. Of course, the trade-off is not knowing what urban adventure will await you each time you board the train.

Riding the trolley to work takes me through parts of San Diego that I haven’t been through in years, if ever. I’ve shared seats with all sorts of people, some of whom have been at varying levels of drunkenness. It’s been a reminder that not everybody is just like me … lives like me … or dresses like me.

It’s also reminded me, however, that people who are look (and maybe smell) different are still just people. They get up and go to work just like other people do. Their thoughts drift to their children, the shopping list, the day’s activities. If the trolley is delayed, their schedules get adjusted, just like mine.

Maybe all Christ-followers should have a two-week trolley assignment. Two weeks of experiencing a different slice of life. Two weeks of new perspectives. Better yet, make it a month and buy a pass.