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motivating employees

How do you create a work environment that brings out the best in people, accomplishes great things, and doesn’t require sending all your employees to a Tony Robbins seminar?  Here are a few tips.

Let people know if they are meeting expectations.  This assumes, of course, that the expectations have been clearly identified, communicated, and accepted.  If they have been, leaders owe to those they lead to let them know how they are doing.  Unfortunately, many companies wait for the annual review; by this time, many items that could have been fixed with a mid-course corrections have developed into deeper issues.

Be kind to people.  Kindness is a sign of respect.  Many leaders in the corporate environment equate kindness with softness.  It’s too “touch feely” to be kind.  If you’re too kind, people will walk all over you.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When people know you truly care about them, they will walk over hot coals for you.  Kindness could be a gentle word, a hand-written note, or simply a smile.

Life doesn’t revolve around the office only.  It may surprise a few bosses to discover that those they lead actually have lives outside of the workplace.  A flexible attitude will earn the respect and hard work of others.