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multi-ethnic churches

As Mountainview plans to launch a campus this fall in Westwood, an economically depressed, racially diverse, part of Denver –I thought the following article from Artie Davis to be insightful.


multi-ethnic church doesn’t just happen.

You have to be intentional in your ministry approach. If you are not intentional, you probably will never have a true multi-ethnic church.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It must be a core value – Put it down on paper that your church values being multi-ethnic. If it’s important enough to think, it’s important enough to write down and become a guiding principle.
  • It will not occur organically – It is human nature to migrate to people like ourselves… people that have fun like us, look like us, and dress like us. We must find ways to break that tendency.
  • You must be balanced in all areas of ministry – People have to see that the leadership of the church is diverse before the congregation will be. Hire staff that reflects muli-ethnicity as well. If you can’t hire people find volunteers that can act as staff.
  • You have to avoid extremes – Stay middle of the cultural road with key elements such as music, dramas, illustrations, etc.
  • There will always be tension pulling on both sides – This is a great place to apply the 100/80 rule. If 100% of the people are happy 80% of the time, you’re doing well.
  • You have to form intentional relationships – You have to step outside your comfort zone and build genuine relationships with people of a different ethnicity. This will take some hard steps, but is sooo sweet once you get it.