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multi-level baptisms

We were studying Acts 9 in our elders Bible study this morning.  Acts 9 tells the story of Saul’s (Paul) conversion to Christianity.  In one simple statement Luke tells us that Ananias baptized Saul and then moves on with the rest of Acts.  Never again do we hear about Ananias.

Do you ever wondered what stories Ananias might have told years later, stories around the dinner table when people are sharing highlights or bragging points?  “I taught the second graders in Sunday School last week”, one guest might say.  “I baptized Paul. Maybe you’ve heard of him”.

We don’t know if Ananias ever baptized anyone else.  In the world of multi-level marketing, however, Ananias would have a tremendous down-stream.

Never underestimate or under-appreciate what a single person can do when they are obedient to God.

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