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my new love

Over the last six weeks, I’ve begun playing racquetball again.  The last time I played racquetball was in 1988 in Decatur, AL., and all I remember is drinking a Fresca afterwards.

I’ve been playing with a few friends from Mountainview, including our newest pastor — Mark Scott.  He only seems like a nice guy when he preaches; get him on the racquetball court and he shows no mercy.

To help improve and get in better shape, I’ve been playing what they call “lunch time shuttles.”  The idea is simple: you play to fifteen points or fifteen minutes, whichever comes first.  Win and you move up a court.  Lose and you move down a court.  It’s been a great way to get playing time while also meeting people from the community.  On a typical shuttle day, at least twenty to twenty-five people show up.

Not all my movement has been to a lower court.  OK, most of it has been but it’s still a lot of fun.  Except when the ball smacks you in the buns.  That’s never fun.