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When I first started in ministry, one of the most beneficial things I did was to find a group of like-minded pastors to hang out with.  These guys became my sounding board and offered a unique form of group therapy.  It’s a practice I’ve continued ever since.

When we started our new church in San Diego in 2005, I found a group of church planters who were in various stages of starting their churches.  We were an interesting bunch: Assembly of God, Southern Baptist, Acts 29, and me.  What we found was this: we had more in common than we thought.  Our first children’s tent was a gift from the Assemblies of God guy.  We shared leads, ideas, and marketing designs.  It was a ministry incubator.

Too many guys in ministry don’t take the time to network outside of their own church.  And it’s a shame.  They lose the perspective of others, a shoulder to cry on, and the camaraderie of someone who knows what you’re going through.  Most of all, the kingdom loses by not harnessing the collective power of all its pieces.

So, make a phone call or send an email — make a new friend!  You’ll also gain a partner.