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new book on Ephesians

Ephesians_thumbnailAs a pastor, I have sat across from countless individuals – in my living or at Starbucks – and listened as they shared their longing to live for something more than what they were currently experiencing. The doldrums of life had sucked all the enthusiasm out of them. By coming to me, they were hoping I could wave a magic wand and suddenly fill them with inspiration and purpose.

If I had asked them to sum up their current existence in one word, they might have said:

  • Boring
  • Routine
  • Dull
  • Drifting
  • Meaningless

No one sets out in life to live like this.

None of us ever had a morning where we woke up and our first thought was, “I hope today is a mediocre day.” Yet, somehow, somewhere, that is the direction our life swung in.

Ironically (or unfortunately), many of the individuals I’ve met with considered themselves Christians. They were people who claimed to have had a life-changing experience with Jesus.¬†From Scripture, I believed these same people had been filled with the Holy Spirit, our counselor, teacher, and guide.

I love the book of Ephesians because it calls us to live for more than the ordinary life we often settle for. This is true of our personal lives, in our families, and how we interact within the church. God has so much more in store for us – blessings, opportunities, growth, and a purpose so compelling that our brothers and sisters down through the ages have given up their lives for it.

Made for More is the result of a sermon series I once I preached at the church my wife and I had planted in San Diego. Most of our regular attenders were people who had little or no church background; which also meant they had little to no Bible background. What they knew about life’s purpose they had watched on Oprah or found in the self-help section on Amazon.

It is my hope as we spend our time together that the book of Ephesians will inspire you to reach higher and further than you have before.

You were made for more.

Paperback version.

Kindle version.