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new classes at mountainview

We’re launching a new spiritual formation initiative at Mountainview called E4U.  Organized around four tracks, we’re seeking to help people develop and grow spiritually.  Over the next week or so I’ll be previewing the classes here on the blog.

The Firsts of Jesus

Course Description:

Things that are mentioned first and last in Mideastern cultures have special significance.  In this course we look at some important firsts in the life of Jesus.  They include His first act, His first public quote, His first miracle and His first parable.  We will examine these firsts to discover more about the process of transformation and to learn how each person can apply these discoveries in one’s ongoing transformation.

Teacher Bio:

Brian Cook is a fellow traveler on the path of transformation that Jesus teaches us about. Raised as a Catholic, Brian attended seminary for a year and a half before becoming disillusioned with it. After finding evangelical Christianity, Brian was a participating member of Willow Creek Community Church for the seven years prior to moving back to Colorado to be near family, especially our grandchildren. With his wife, Bobbi, they led small groups and mentored other group leaders at Willow. They currently lead a life group at Mountainview.