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new friends, old friends, and friends in-between

While I was out “thrifting” this afternoon I ran into an old friend from our first tour of duty in San Diego. He’s the father of another friend of ours and that’s how we got to know him. I almost didn’t say anything because I wasn’t 100% sure it was him — but I knew it was somebody I knew. I’m glad I spoke up because we had a really good visit.

From there I retreated to Twiggs, one of my two working cafes. In other words, one of my two “offices.” There’s been a fellow who’s a regular, an artist who illustrates children’s books. He’s lived in San Diego for about a year but will be moving up to San Francisco in a few days. We chatted for a while about his time here and his move up there.

At any given time, life is the summation of our relationships. Some are old and weathered by time; others are new and just gaining momentum. Some are separated by time or distance; still others are yet to be discovered.

That’s all for now …