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new generosity series

Jim and I will be starting a new series this upcoming weekend called “Contagious Generosity.”  We’ll be exploring the value of developing a generous lifestyle and a spirit of gratitude.

The college I graduated from had a motto: “Teaching how to live and how to make a living.”  I remember it was plastered on a billboard just outside of the small town where the college was located.

I may not have agreed with everything that my alma mater aspired to be, but I liked the motto.  I still do.  It reminds me that the most important thing in life is not what you do for a living but how you live.

As it relates to generosity, true wealth comes not in what you keep for yourself but what you give to others.  It’s a radical way of thinking compared to the prevailing wind of our culture.  It’s also God’s way of thinking.

May God use this serious to begin an epidemic of kindness, a tidal wave of generosity!