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new series at lifepoint

Our new teaching series at LifePoint is called “Developing a Spiritual Fitness Plan” and will focus on practical ways we can become spiritually fit.

If you’re like me, spiritual growth has not been automatic — it’s been three steps forward and two steps backward. There are seasons of spiritual growth that are more productive than others. There have been times of feasting alongside times of famine.

That’s probably why I identify with the apostle Paul, who so openly admitted his struggle to be like Jesus. We often like to think of biblical characters as the ancient counterparts of superheroes. Paul would be the first to dispel any notion that he was a superhero. In fact, he would be downright embarrassed by the thought.

I’m glad that spiritual development is a process. That means as long as I keep my feet moving, I’m doing alright. It’s dangerous to use human benchmarks to chart our progress. God is more interested in our heart and sometimes a heart realignment won’t always be easily benchmarked.

This ought to be a good series.