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new year of teaching at lifepoint

Our teaching series this month at LifePoint will focus on great stories from the Old Testament (also known as the Hebrew Scriptures). As I was looking over teaching ideas, I felt drawn to many of the great characters and plots that are found in the first half of our Bibles.

In January we’ll cover the implications of creation, the consequences of Adam and Eve’s decision-making, the faith of Abraham, and God’s great rescue of the Israelites which became known as the Passover. The first three stories are found in the first book of the Bible.

In fact the first half of this year will be spent in the Old Testament. As those who follow Jesus, it benefits us to understand the teachings that influenced Jesus himself. The stories of the men and women of the Old Testament are there to inspire, challenge, and inform us about how to live godly lives.

Some of these stories will be familiar; others may be somewhat obscure or lesser known. That’s the great blessing of delving into the Bible — finding those gems!

As we go through these different lessons, I would encourage you to embark on some sort of intentional reading plan. Maybe it’s to read the Bible in one year or to read through the Gospels. Perhaps you want to read from the Psalms.

The key is to allow time for you to interact with God’s Word. The results will be life-changing.