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news in bits and pieces

I normally get gas at a local independent station that’s around the corner from our house. It’s close and convenient, and generally cheaper than other places. The owner seems a bit fiesty, in a good way. Not too long ago, he posted this sign: “Fight Back: Drive Less.”

Today I needed gas and stopped at a different station. After swiping my debit card and starting to pump, I heard these voices and realized that they were showing CNN on the credit card screen. On the pump. It was one of these “real crime” shows that feature combative attorneys and “forensic experts.” Even though gas costs more, it still takes the same amount of time to pump.

As I was pumping my gas and getting my news at the same time, I thought to myself … “This is absurd.” Now, I must confess, I actually like the idea of having something to occupy my five minutes of pumping. Otherwise, I might be tempted to do something exotic like clean my windshields.

But how can you absorb the news in such little bursts of time? The truth is, you can’t. You can’t make sense of it because it’s just mental spackle. It’s just there to fill the cracks in your day.

Even though our culture encourages us to be disjointed, we have to be intentional about staying connected in a meaningful way.