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nifty new blog

Actually it’s an older blog than mine but new to me. A few weeks ago I rambled onto a blog called “The Evangelical Ecologist: A Christian EcoBlog” by a local San Diego fellow (Don Bosch). It’s a virtual treasure chest of information, including a link on how to brew beer in your coffee pots. Ironically, I’ve just switched to a french press …

For quite a while, evangelical Christians have been silent when it came to matters of the environment. That was considered the turf of liberals and radicals. Much of the evangelical concern was over the temptation to worship the creation rather than the Creator — a very real temptation that many of the extreme groups gave in to. But if you love the Creator, doesn’t it make sense that you would love the creation, too? The Biblical concept of stewardship includes more than how we handle our money.

Check out Don’s blog. You’ll find it interesting and he has a ton of other links as well (including a nice little LifePoint logo on the right column!).