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no failure is final

How would you like to be known as the high school coach who “cut” Michael Jordan? That distinction goes to Pop Herring, but it’s not entirely true.

It makes for a great story. Kid gets cut from his high school team and goes on to become a NBA Hall-of-Famer.

In fact, Herring didn’t cut Michael Jordan from the team. When Jordan was a sophomore, he placed him on the junior varsity team because he wasn’t tall enough and needed additional work. Unfortunately, the story became twisted and the legend stuck — to Herring’s everlasting frustration.

We’re drawn to the legend because it represents what each of us wants to believe: anyone can overcome failure.

But we don’t need a legend to know that. The message of the gospel is that each of us has failed to live up to the standards of God and Jesus died to repair our relationship with God.

In other words, with Jesus in your life, no failure is ever final.