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officially thirty-six

The rumors are all true: I turned 36 this past Sunday. Memorial donations can be sent to 6244 Lake Lomond …

If the statistics are true, then I just entered halftime. Halftime is another way of saying “middle-age.” I prefer the concept of halftime. It’s the idea that you’ve lived half of your life and have half of it left (Lord willing). What will I do with the second half of my life? That’s an important question that requires more than a blog entry to fully explore. I imagine it will include much of what I’ve done during the first half of life.

But I must confess to having a growing sense of urgency to do something signficant with my life. As a Christ-follower, my first priority is to make a kingdom difference … in my family, among friends, and in the community God has placed me. It’s all about investment: how one chooses to invest their time, talent, and, yes, money.

I only have a few more minutes before halftime is up and I’ll need to start the third quarter. Please excuse me while I grab another cup of coffee.

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  • Jim Tudor says:


    Please accept our belated Happy Birthday from one, according to your “schedule” is well into the third quarter.