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old buildings, new mission

Restoration Community Church in Denver is a new church that meets in an old church building.  I don’t mean that in a derogatory way; it’s just true. RCC has remodeled, painted, and made several improvements to the building.  It’s a very nice sacred space.

The former church had declined and instead of shutting down and selling off the property, they made it available to Restoration.

Across Denver there are many old church buildings in need of a new mission.  I often drive north on Broadway from Highlands Ranch to the Goodwill on Broadway and Ellsworth, about 12-15 miles.  Along the way I’ll pass several church buildings (not to mention those that are on the streets just off Broadway).  The street could just as easily be Colfax or Alameda or University or Downing or Evans or Hampden.  There are church buildings everywhere.

What if we could get people interested in working together for the greater kingdom good rather than simply maintaining a property?

There are one or two buildings near Washington Park that are well-positioned to reach a new generation of people in that neighborhood.  But it will likely take a new spirit, a new attitude and style, to reach this new generation.  There are church planters and new churches that would love to use those buildings as launch pads to reach Wash Park.

How can we get past denominational and generational blinders to start reaching our city?

For some of these older churches, a merger might be a good idea.  Or it might not be.  Selling the property for the purpose of starting new churches is a bold but missional idea.  Or, making your property available to newer churches that can reach a new segment of people might be the best solution.

What do you think?