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one of my friends is almost famous

One of the elders from our church in Covington is featured on the ABC News website in this story. It’s about “age-appropriate automobiles” … I bet you didn’t such a term existed. I’ve saddled up inside this particular car/truck/suv and can tell you firsthand it’s pretty cool.

Jan. 3, 2006 — It wasn’t until Jim Tudor got his new Honda Element that he noticed a quirk in its design. Why was the boxy vehicle’s sunroof over the empty back seat instead of over his spot up front?
“I found out that it’s supposed to be for my surfboard,” says Tudor, who’s 56, a grandfather of two who never surfs anywhere but the Internet. “It was really only after the fact, when I started doing a little reading on the car, that I found out I wasn’t supposed to be the one driving it.”

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  • Jim Tudor says:

    Forget ABC News….Ken’s BlogPoint is big time…….!