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opportunities abound

Today is January 1, 2012.  After today, there will be 365 (thanks to leap year) days until 2013.  You know what that means?  It’s time to start Christmas shopping (just kidding!).

One of the things I’m reminded about with each new year is this reality: opportunities are everywhere.  2012 will hold opportunities that didn’t exist in 2011 because the relationships, circumstances, or responsibilities needed didn’t exist yet.  You will make new friendships, perhaps get new neighbors, or take on new responsibilities at work.  Each change, no matter how seemingly insignificant, will open the door to new possibilities.

You may also discover opportunities that were there the whole time but you didn’t notice them.  They were there but your perspective was different.  You will see potential in existing relationships.  At work, you may find the platform to chase your dreams.

But here’s an important point: it is not your responsibility to create opportunities.  God is at work.  He is active.  Your greatest challenge in 2012 will not be to create opportunities but to recognize them.  Let me correct that: your greatest challenge will be to act on them.

What opportunities does 2012 hold for you?