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opportunity camp

Day one of Opportunity Camp is drawing to a close – at least for me. Our cleaning crews are just now hitting the bathrooms, rubber gloves up to their elbows.

Our theme this year is about the stories of Jesus.  I’m retelling different parables in the morning and then applying them at night.  Today’s parable was about the sower and the soil from Matthew 13.  I spoke this evening about three ways to prepare your soil/life for God’s involvement:

  • plow the soil
  • put down roots
  • pull the weeds

At any given, we may be doing all three.  Spiritual growth and development is rarely linear.  In other words, it’s not as easy or straightforward as doing this, then this, then that … and here comes the growth.

But spiritual growth does require intentionality.  It also requires action.  We can’t just think our way to a better, more meaningful spiritual life.

For your next step — or first step — you may want to choose just one of the above three things and focus on that.  Which will it be?