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opportunity camp – monday

The kids arrived Sunday, many without toothbrushes or sleeping bags — another ordinary start to camp.  We have around one hundred campers this years and over one hundred staff.  That’s a good ratio!

Opportunity Camp has a tendency to work its way into your blood.  I’m always grateful to see familiar staff faces, many of whom have been coming to camp far longer than me — and that’s been fifteen years on my part.  They come from NYC, Texas, Seattle, Portland, and, of course, California.  And now Colorado.

Our theme for this is simple: The Life of Jesus.  It’s my task to tell the story of Jesus to kids ranging in age from eight to sixteen.  Each day I’m telling a different part of the story, beginning this morning with the birth of Jesus.

I shared with them the ordinary circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus.  How his mom rode a donkey into town.  How all the hotels were booked and no vacancies could be found.  How Jesus was born in a barn, surrounded by animals.  Ordinary.  Common.  Not the way you would expect a King to arrive.

Here’s the good news: God still shows up in the ordinary things of life.  Donkey, barns, meetings, commutes, dinner, and other ordinary tasks and activities.  He’s there; we just have to be looking.