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our greatest need

What is your greatest need? What is your neighbor’s greatest need?

We often get confused about needs and wants. I think I need a new computer when, in reality, I only want a new computer. My “old” computer is just fine.

To be honest, our wants far outnumber our needs. In other words, we want much more than we really need. As a result, we end spending much more time and effort in pursuit of our wants than we do our needs. And this is unfortunate because fulfilling our wants will never match the satisfaction of having our greatest needs met.

And what is our greatest need? It is to be loved and accepted by our Creator, leading to a relationship with him through Jesus Christ.

Which is why evangelism is a core value of a biblical church. Don’t be scared or nervous when you hear that word. It’s a great word that gets to the heart of our greatest need.