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passion breeds passion

Effective preaching and teaching is about more than transmitting information; it’s also about inspiration.

In the world of SEO (search engine optimization), the mantra is “content is king.”  In other words, search engines love fresh content — an indication that a site is alive and worth indexing.  A static site that never changes probably isn’t drawing much traffic.

In preaching and teaching, content certainly matters.  Truth matters.  God’s Word never changes.  But how the truth is delivered matters, too.

Passion breeds passion.  If I’m not passionate about delivering my topic, why should the audience be passionate about applying it?  A passionate communicator will lead the audience to be passionate as well.

But don’t be misled.  Passion isn’t all about delivery, though passion should seep through the manner in which we communicate.  Passion is also conveyed by our energy level and the excitement that is heard in our voice and seen in our eyes.  A well-prepared talk or sermon conveys passion.

If you want your audience to be motivated to listen and engage, then become passionate about your topic.  In order for them to care about what they’re hearing, you must first care about what you are saying.

Passion breeds passion.