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peace on earth is possible

At Christmas time, one of the carols we often sing includes these words from Scripture: “peace on earth, goodwill to men.”

Since the beginning of recorded history (3,100 years), do you know how many years have been without war?  Only 286 years.  That amounts to approximately eight percent of recorded history.  During this same period of time, 8,000 treatises have been signed and broken.

Our track record with peace is not so good.

Even when you move from a global perspective to individuals, are we any better?  The answer is simple: no.  We experience interpersonal conflict, strife at work, hostilities at home.  Most importantly, apart from Jesus, we are not at peace with our Creator.  In fact, the Bible refers to our pre-Christian experience as being “enemies of God” (cf., Colossians 1:21).

Through Jesus we can become friends with God.  That’s the message of both Christmas and Easter.  The hostilities can end.  Friendship and kinship can replace strife and conflict.

May you find your true peace this Christmas season in the One who came from heaven to earth.