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people you want to work with

Unless you’re self-employed and have no one working with you, you have co-workers.  As someone who has hired staff, there are certain things you look for.  I’ve often used the 3C’s I first heard It’s been said talk about: character, chemistry, and competence.  These three attributes represent a great grid through which to view prospective employees or staff members.

I just finished reading an excellent blog post entitled, “People I want to work with” by Stephen Brewster.  It adds another dimension to the discussion.  Here it is:

People I want to work with

I was reading a great post the other day from Todd Henry. He has a theory:

Passion + Grace – Competence = Nice person, but can’t keep up with the team.

Passion + Competence – Grace = Extreme performer that no one wants to be around.

Competence + Grace – Passion = Really good performer, but no backbone. I don’t trust that they have “skin” in the game or that they’re giving their best.

This theory makes me ask some questions. The first is, where do I fall on the list! The second, how do the individual members of my team fit into this mix. It is always interesting when you start to evaluate these things. At the end of the day we all want to work with people we like, that share our vision, that we can go deeper with than just a project.

Who you have on your team is more important than what they can do. Always hire the person, not the position. The position is easily filled, the person on the other hand makes or breaks your organization.

The person I want to work with is:

PASSION + COMPETENCE + GRACE = Someone who is driven by desire to achieve something bigger and greater than who they are for someone greater than all. Someone skilled in their craft and willing to learn, develop, and stretch. Someone who does not think they have it all figured out, and is willing to work with others to make others greater than they ever felt possible.