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peyton manning and the kingdom of God, two

In my last post I wrote about how professional teams balance two needs: the need to win and the need to develop talent.

The people of God must realize that we are involved in much more than a game.  In fact, we are involved in much more than life itself.  We are involved in helping write eternity.  That’s not being dramatic; it’s being truthful.

Professional teams will invest heavily in coaches, facilities, and more in order to develop young talent.  A guy like Aaron Rodgers gets to watch Brett Favre for a few years before becoming a superstar in his own right.  Baseball players work their way up through the minor leagues.

Does your church have a system for developing the young talent in its midst?  All too often, the answer is no.

As the church-going population continues to attend a smaller percentage of the churches (mega churches account for an increasing percentage of overall church attendance), this reduces the opportunities a young person might have to learn about ministry.  If a sixteen-year-old is interested in becoming a preacher, where does he get his first crack at preaching?  Not on a Sunday morning in a mega church.  And definitely not on a Sunday night; those services are extinct, unless they are a duplication of the morning services.

The calendar of a pastor at a large church fills up fast.  It’s not likely to have room for lunch with a high school student wrestling with a call to ministry.

Kingdom leaders need to think strategically about how they are raising up the next generation of church leaders.

Do we need more coaches?  A farm system?  Do we need to be intentional about creating environments and opportunities where tomorrow’s leaders can begin learning today?

I do know this: we need to come up with an answer.  The future depends on it.