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picking the right scale

I’m not sure how it happened.  Somewhere between our old house and our new house, we lost our bathroom scale.  Technically, it’s likely buried at the bottom of a box in the garage labeled “miscellaneous.”  To be honest, I didn’t miss it for the first few weeks (OK, maybe for a whole month).

But that changed while shopping at Bed, Bath, and Beyond last week.

Our old scale had been in the family since the time we got married.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond carries these new fancy scales.  Glass frames, digital displays.  I think you can even play Angry Birds on one of them.

So I decided it was time to buy a new scale.

I settled on two that were both glass frames and similar in price.  I took the first one and placed it on the ground: it registered 188 lbs.  Putting it back, I placed the second scale on the floor and stepped on it: 185 lbs.

I bought the one that registered 185 although it was five dollars more expensive (a small price to pay for accuracy!).

When it comes to life, picking the right scale does matter.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God …” — Romans 3:23

People who are on the path to maturity have learned to see themselves accurately.  To receive help means admitting a problem.  If I’m constantly stepping on the wrong scale, I might find myself in denial.  Or worse, I might be delusional.  Either way, I’m keeping myself disconnected from the power of God in my life.

What scale are you using?