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pizza for breakfast, pizza for lunch, pizza for …

By July 20, 2006General

Tonya and the girls are in Memphis to visit her parents. Meanwhile, back on the homefront …

OK, I’m not necessarily your typical bachelor for the week kind of guy. I don’t eat only off paper plates or use the same cup over and over. I have reused the same bowl and spoon for cereal, but only after washing them each time. I have shaved — in fact, I’ve decided to grow my goatee back while the girls are away.

But I do find that it’s easier to eat out than to eat at home. After last night’s planning session for LifePoint’s booth at CityFest, we had left over pizza. No one would take it so it went in my fridge. And … I had cold pizza for breakfast. While out and about, I went to Red Brick Pizza for lunch. It was close to where I was going to pick up our new signs. And … for dinner I will likely the rest of yesterday’s pizza.

Cold cereal and leftover pizza. It’s not that bad of a life.