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play your song

Fritz Kreisler was a world-famous violinist who died in 1962.  While alive, he earned a lot of money playing the violin but also gave most of it away.

While traveling, he found a beautiful violin but wasn’t able to buy it because he didn’t have the money.  Saving his money, he returned to buy the violin but it was gone.  The seller had sold it to another collector.

Kreisler found the new owner’s home and offered to buy the violin.  The collector refused.  As Kreisler was about to leave, he asked permission to play the violin.  “Could I play the instrument once more before it is consigned to silence?” he asked.

The collector agreed and Kreisler began playing the violin.  Thew new owner was so moved, he insisted that Kreisler keep the violin.  “I have no right to keep that to myself,” he said. “It’s yours, Mr. Kreisler.  Take it into the world, and let people hear it.”

What music is inside of you that the world needs to hear?