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potential v. proven faithfulness

This insight comes via Neil Cole, considered one of the founders of the simple church movement: When it comes to leadership don’t invest in potential, invest in proven faithfulness.

I have to admit that his comment startled me a bit at first.  I don’t believe he’s discounting potential — but leadership is about more than potential.  Many of us have unlimited depths of potential — to write books, make music, give speeches, lead teams — and many of us will die with that potential still buried within us.

When it comes to developing a team of leaders, potential is important but faithfulness is even more important.  Ask questions like these:

  • Has this person taken any action steps that moved them in a positive direction?
  • Has this person volunteered for small, minor tasks?
  • Does this person show initiative?

In the end, we aren’t looking for potential change, potential impact.  We’re looking to make a difference.