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Practicing Progress Generosity

I believe two things are true about most people I meet. First, they want the world (their family, neighborhood, school, planet) to be a better place. Second, they would love to help make that happen. The space in-between intentions and actions is where the answer is found.

I want to share with you one powerful shift that I believe has the potential to bring about transformational change. It’s what I call “progressive generosity.” But what is it?

Conventional thinking: My income increases, I have more to spend. As a result, my expenses, debts, and obligations increase as well.

Transformational thinking: My income increases, I have more to save, invest, and give.  As a result, I have more saving and giving power.

Which of these two ways of thinking do you believe is most common? It’s unfortunately obvious — conventional thinking.  All too often, our spending increases to the level of our income … and then beyond. This leaves people with generous intentions little-to-no capital with which to actually be generous.

Transformational people resist the urge to reflexively raise their spending every time their income increases. Instead, they ask a simple but probing question:

What do I really need to live on?

On the surface, it seems like a simple question. But probe further. Brainstorm a list and then take your editing pen to it. Here’s my hunch: after a few rounds of editing, you will still have a list that 75% of the world would envy.

As far as I know, there are only two ways to have more money: make more money or save more money. But what if you did both and were intentional about how you used the margin? What if you decided to stay at your current level of spending and chose to raise your level of saving and generosity?

Progressive generosity is powered by convictions, not circumstances. Many people want to be more generous but are waiting for better circumstances. Without a plan in place, we more apt to respond impulsively rather than intentionally. Our generous intents get swallowed up by ever-increasing obligations and expenses.

To be a transformational person requires transformational thinking followed by transformational action.

Want to transform your world? It starts with transforming yourself.

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