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prayer night

Tonya and I hosted a night of prayer at our house last night and what a great night it was! I began by sharing a passage from Joshua where God instructs the Israelites to follow the lead of the ark of the covenant. They are told to follow the ark because “they had never been that way before.” When it reaches the Jordan river, the water stops flowing as soon as the priests enter the river.

It was an awesome experience to hear people pray that I had never heard pray before. We spent the night seeking God’s direction for LifePoint, particulary in regards to our worship ministry. I was again humbled by the intense devotion God is building in other people. As we were praying, I was thanking God for allowing me to work alongside such good people. Starting a new church community is an adventure best experienced with a good group of people.

We were reminded that LifePoint is not an afterthought to God but originated in his own heart.