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preaching principles

The following are my notes from a luncheon with Vince Antonucci. He’s the founding pastor at Verve on the Las Vegas strip. He spoke on his approach to preaching.

1. Unfold their arms.  Unchurched people tend to be defensive and they expect to not like church.

2. Find their statues.  What common ground do you have?  How can you take what they recognize and use it to open a door for your message?

3. Slow brew the relationship.  Build relational glue. As they begin to trust you, they will listen to you.

4. Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio? (Ran out everything – because some kid may be watching first game). Your assumptions determine your audience.  If you assume they know the characters of the Bible, you will lose those who lack a biblical background.

5. Make it epic. Paint it with a story. Connect it to a hero.  People want to be drawn into something significant.

6. Clear, compelling truth couched in love. People need clarity – truth. They also need grace.