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preaching someone else’s passion

Paraphrasing Phillips Brooks, a 19th century preacher in Boston, preaching is “God speaking through personality.” Effective preaching occurs when the Word that been stirring within the preacher becomes the words he uses in a sermon.

That’s why it’s almost impossible to preach someone else’s passion.

Once when Mark Twain’s wife grew weary of his constant foul language, she repeated back word-for-word a sentence filled with curse words.  Twain smiled and said she had the words right but she lacked the passion.

It’s why David refused to fight in Saul’s armor; it wasn’t the right size.  It wasn’t David’s armor.

God wants to speak through jars of clay.  Out of our life experiences God wants to work and use them to bless others.

As preachers we want to say the right words but let us never just recite them back without passion.

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