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presidio park

Every now and then I like to sneak off to a place to pray. I try to pick places that don’t necessarily provide quiet but perspective. Here in San Diego, the beach is a great place to pray. Especially when you can sit up on a cliff and see nothing but ocean in front of you. That has a way of putting things in perspective.

Another favorite spot of mine is Presidio Park, just above Old Town. This is a gem. I’m not sure many people — even people who have lived here a while — ever go to Presidio Park. It has two or three spots that provide good perspective. From one bench you can look out over I-8 and see Morena Boulevard and USD. The other spots direct you to Point Loma and downtown.

Yesterday I chose the spot that looks directly towards Point Loma and spent some time in prayer and reading my Bible. I usually approach these times without much of an agenda — I just want to find a place where I can regroup and regain perspective.

I’ve always enjoyed Presidio because it reminds me of how vast and large San Diego is. As I watch the cars stream along I-5, I can’t but help but think that more cars go by this one spot in one minute than will park in most church parking lots next Sunday. Every car is headed somewhere … and so is every person.

I hope you’ve found a place where you can go to regain perspective.