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prone to be a cat

Stephen Hawthorne, a leader in Christian missions, said there is a major difference between dogs and cats. Not only do they look different, they think differently, too.

Dogs think like this: “You feed me, you care for me, you walk me — you must be God.”

Cats, however, think this way: “You feed me, you care for me, you clean my litter box — I must be God!”

Truth be told, we are a nation of cats. Everyday we hear messages like these …

  • have it your way
  • you deserve a break today
  • be all you can be
  • do what makes you feel good
  • it’s all about you

As a nation of cats, we see the consequences of selfishness all around us. Indifference on the one hand; oppression on the other. Relationships suffer. Marriages become battlegrounds. As you likely know, it’s hard to herd cats — they each want to go in their own direction.

One of the reasons I love to be in worship is that it reminds that while I’m prone to be a cat – to make life about me – real life is found in God.

When I enter into worship, the glory of being a cat pales in comparison to the glory of the one true God. It’s a reminder I need on a regular basis. It’s a regular discipline that curbs my natural inclinations to make life all about me.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who needs this reminder.