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Q&A with a pastor

This Sunday we’re trying something new during our 11:35 service.  It’s called “Q&A with a Pastor” and I’ll be hosting it in our Tigers Room at Mountainview.  It’s designed to be an informal atmosphere where people can ask honest questions about God, the Bible, and faith.

I have always enjoyed the open forum atmosphere (maybe I missed my calling and should have been a talk show host).  Whenever Tonya and I interviewed on-site for senior pastor positions, I would always ask for a time of question and answer.  I did so because I believed the church had a right to ask a prospective pastor any questions they wanted answers to.

The idea terrified Tonya but it energized me.  I think this may trace back to my high school years when I did extemporaneous speaking for our speech team.  We would draw three topics from a box, pick one, and have fifteen minutes to write a five minute speech.  It taught me to think quickly.

So, if you’re in the South Denver area and want to grill a pastor, come on out this Sunday and bring your questions.