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questions and answers

Here’s a simple truth with great implications: the questions you ask will shape the answers you get.

If you ask about problems, you’ll hear about problems.   You may or may not hear solutions.  You may not hear about what has been accomplished or achieved.

If you ask about opportunities, you will likely hear answers that deal with possibilities and potential.

The key to growth is to ask the right questions … and enough questions.  Many people ask too few questions, and then the questions they may ask are framed in a limited way.  Limited question, limited answer.

As Christ-followers, we need to bring a holy curiosity to our relationships, our businesses, and our churches.  As church leaders, we often make the mistake of only asking questions of those who are already in the fold.  Remember, the questions we ask will shape the answers we get.  We need to be intentional about asking questions of those on the outside — what do they think, what music do they like, what needs do they have?

What questions have you asked lately?