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random thanks

Every know and then I believe it’s good to drop a random “thank you” on someone. Maybe it’s for something you’ve already said thanks for. Maybe it’s for something you’ve thought about saying thanks for but never did. At any rate, go ahead and do it!

For example, Tonya and I have been talking recently about how much we appreciated Hannah’s Navajo softball coaches. So … I just dropped a quick email this morning to say thanks. Again. We thanked them throughout the season and at the end of the season but it just felt right to say it again.

Over and over I’m surprised by how a random thank you finds its way to the recipient at a very appropriate moment. That’s part of the interconnectedness we have as spiritual beings. I believe many times the Holy Spirit is prompting us to say or do something because he knows what we don’t know — what’s happening in the other person’s life.

So, go ahead and say “thank you” again. You just might find one floating right back to you.