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random thursday night thoughts

Rather than post several entries, I’ve decided to lump them all together in a Thursday night blogging buffet.

Pineapple tip. Rather than buy the pre-sliced pineapples from the deli, I purchased my first-ever whole pineapple. I was all prepared to go home and begin chopping. Until one of the Von’s employees said, “You know this won’t be ready to cut for several days.” What ensued was a primer on how to tell when pineapples are ready to be cut. I appreciated the tip.

Flashing Kensington sign. Many of San Diego’s older neighborhoods have their name on a street sign that spans the width of a city street. Tonight I went for coffee in Kensington and noticed something about the Kensington neon sign. The “sin” part was starting to flicker while the remaining letters were solid and bright. Message from God?

Chicken Little. Save the Barenaked Ladies singing the opening song, Chicken Little was OK to average.

Parent/Teacher Conferences. Went to Hannah and Hope’s teacher conferences today. Both girls are doing wonderful in school. Hannah even had a neatly organized desk!